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144 MHz EME - HW and cables

The complete system for 144 MHz EME.
The sketch above shows the complete EME system. The TRX (Yaesu FT-847) is placed in the radio room, and it is connected to the antennas as shown above. Control cables carrying 12V to relays, PTT, preamp, etc. are not depicted.

The receive path.

The sketch above shows the RX path. Number 1a and 1b are antenna feed points. Both of them are connected to the power splitter (2) where the antenna signals are combined. From the power splitter, the signal moves on to a coax relay (3) and from here it is routed to the preamp (4). After amplification in the preamp, the signal is sent via another coax relay (5) to the transceiver in the radio room (6).

The transmit path.

The sketch above shows the TX path. Number 1 is the transceiver inside the radio room. From here, RF (about 20 W) goes to a coax relay (2) and then to the SSPA (3). The SSPA amplifies the RF signal and provides 1 kW output. The RF power then goes to another coax relay (5) and continues into the power splitter (4) which divides the RF power between the two antennas. Each of the antenna feed-points is supplied 500 W (6a and 6b).

You can get more info on hardware, cables, and antennas by visiting this page: EME station and antenna for 144 MHz

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