fredag den 24. marts 2017

144 MHz EME - Antennas are up

Spring has arrived in Denmark, and now it's time for antenna work!

During winter I've spent much time preparing the new antenna set-up. The antenna mast was down resting on the lawn. I've mounted the following items onto the mast:
  • Two new 6-element antennas (Dual PA144-6-2) 
  • Elevation rotor (Kenpro KR-550)
  • Wooden cross-boom
  • Pre-amplifier
  • Power splitter
  • Coax-relay 1 kW
  • Coax cables for RF
  • Control cables
I decided to erect the antenna mast on a sunny day in March. I called a friend to assist me. Two persons can do a safer job than one. My friend was on the roof pulling a rope, which was fastened to the top of the mast. I was on the ground pushing the mast. After some minutes, the mast was erected and secured to the house wall.

144 MHz EME antennas.
Building an antenna system is fun, but it can also be cumbersome. I am very much looking forward to hearing my first EME signals, and I will report my results on this blog!

OZ1BXM on the roof (photo by XYL).
Regards from OZ1BXM Lars Petersen

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