lørdag den 14. januar 2017

144 MHz EME - PC and peripherals

My PC and peripherals are connected as shown in the sketch below. This set-up is for my EME project.

PC and peripherals at OZ1BXM
1: Interface from ZLP Electronics.
2: Asus USB sound card.
3: Interface from ZLP Electronics.
4: Rotor controller ERC-3D from Easy-Rotor-Control
5: USB-to-serial adapter (FTDI chipset)
6: HP Compaq PC (Intel dual-core processor @ 3 GHz; 4 Gbyte RAM)
7: WLAN adapter
8: Transceiver Yaesu FT-847 with crystal heater QH40A installed.

Regards from OZ1BXM Lars
Homepage: oz1bxm.dk

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