søndag den 26. april 2015

New transceiver Yaesu FT-920

It was time for replacing my old Kenwood TS-850 transceiver. The TS-850 has served me well, but it was getting old, and a new HF transceiver was in the pipeline.

I found a fine offer on the Danish second-hand site ham.brugtgrej.dk. An Yaesu FT-920 was for sale in mint condition. The FM-unit and a 250 Hz CW crystal filter were included. I studied the FT-920 reviews on eham.net before contacting the seller. I bought the transceiver on the spot, and transferred the payment via web banking. A big parcel arrived two days later.

The FT-920 is a medium-class transceiver - it is not a contest machine. As I only participate in contests a few times a year, this transceiver will probably fill my needs.

Here are some pro & contra statements regarding the FT-920:

Pro FT-920

  • There are two VFOs with each their own display 
  • There are 2 antenna ports and one “receive only” port.  
  • The DSP works at audio frequencies and can be switched off
  • The noise blanker is excellent
  • The CW operator is spoiled with functionality
  • The RF output can be turned down to the mW level
  • The 6m band is included (100 W output)
  • The RX is pleasant for long-time listening (according to reviews)

Contra FT-920

  • No 2m/70cm band
  • No dual receiver
  • No option for SSB crystal filter
  • No dedicated transverter port 
  • No band-scope 
  • The cabinet is big and heavy

My new transceiver Yaesu FT-920.
Time will tell if my new purchase turns out to be a success. Right now, I intend to work JT65/JT9 on HF and collect countries for my future QRP DXCC award. 

OZ1BXM Lars Petersen
Homepage: oz1bxm.dk

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