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Several attempts receiving DSLWP satellite signals

The Chinese satellite LongJiang2 (also called DSLWP-B) orbits the Moon since May 25, 2018. The satellite's weight is 47 kg. The 2 watt signal from the satellite is transmitted in the 70 cm amateur radio band (435.400 MHz or 436.400 MHz). I've decided to listen for the new sat.
DSLWP Lunar Satellite.
Several receiving attempts and why they failed
My first receiving attempt was 4 weeks ago. My yagi antenna and preamp was ready for reception. Power to the preamp was fed via the coax cable. However, the preamp oscillated, and S9 noise was generated. No JT4G signals received.

The second attempt was 2 weeks ago without the preamp, and no antenna elevation. The Moon was high in the sky, about 40 degrees. No signals detected. I have to aim the antenna directly at the Moon!

My third attempt was done this morning. The antenna was controlled in azimuth and elevation, and this time the preamp was fed via an external power supply. But preamp oscillation continued; lots of noise, no signals.

I am not giving up. I will continue listening for the lunar satellite DSLWP. Next time, my antenna will be equipped with azimuth and elevation rotators, and NO preamp!

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