fredag den 1. juni 2018

Lima SDR: Windows 10 USB interface

I am currently building the Lima SDR kit which is an all-band all-mode SDR transceiver with 1 W output. I am following the instructions in "HW/SW Handbuch 2.1, 2014, by DL9WB". Yes, it is in German!

This photo shows the programable synthesizer SI570 (square 2) connected to the USB chip (square 1).

The unfinished RX board (Lima SDR).

The concept is shown below. A test application on the PC controls SI570 via an USB interface.
SI570 controlled by a test application via USB.
However, I had problems installing the USB driver on the PC. I followed the instructions in "HW/SW Handbuch" but it did not work. Here is how I solved the driver problem:
  • Install the certificate (it is on the CD-ROM: AmateurRadioRootCertificate.crt)
  • Download and run PE0FKO-USB-Driver-Installer
Link to the Driver Installer:

Installation of driver is complete.

The installed driver is from 11/10/2012 and the version is Now the USB connection works, and the SI570 output frequency can be set. Hooray!

USB_Synth.exe controls the output frequency of SI570.
Vy 73 from OZ1BXM Lars

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