fredag den 5. juni 2015

WinKeyer, part 2

I wrote about the WinKeyer in a blog post last year. My WinKeyer is mounted in an alu-cabinet, which I found in my radio junkbox. USB connection, paddle connection, and the keying output is on the rear of the cabinet.

WinKeyer USB Lite.

Inside the WinKeyer cabinet.
My logging software Log4OM has a dedicated WinKeyer window, where you control the keyer, you can send CW via the keyboard, and you can run macros (10 different).

Log integration is a nice feature. When call and report are entered in the WinKeyer window, you can log the QSO by clicking the "Add QSO" button. All other data like time, frequency, and mode are already known by Log4OM. It draws this info from the computer clock and from the transceiver via the CAT interface.

Another nice feature of Log4OM is the use of macros. When a macro is executed, a script will do the hard work: sending your name, your QTH, your QSL info, and a contest exchange if in contest mode.

A am happy with my WinKeyer. It was easy to build. WinKeyer is easy to use, and with the log integration, my time with the radio has become more enjoyable!

73, OZ1BXM Lars Petersen

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