søndag den 9. marts 2014

Stable LO for 23 cm

I have started building a stable Local Oscillator (LO) for my 23 cm transceiver. The LO consists of two parts:

  • Crystal oscillator for 576 MHz   
  • Multiplier for 1152 MHz 

I'll build both modules from kits sold by Mini-Kits in Australia. This company has reasonable prices, and shipping via air from Adelaide to Holstebro, Denmark took only 5 days!  The oscillator kit has number EME175 (I ordered the 400-600 MHz version). The multiplier kit has number EME1152-MLT. Both kits are high-quality products and they are not intended for the new ham - SMD soldering is required!

Crystal oscillator - EME175

In the picture above, you can see an oscillator heater on the left side next to the 96 MHz crystal. The oscillator heater keeps the crystal temperature constantly at 60 degrees centigrade. The heater has number EME177 and uses only 60 mA after warm-up. 

73 from OZ1BXM Lars Petersen

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