onsdag den 1. januar 2014

New Year resolution: QRP DXCC

Year 2014 is here, and it's time  for New Year resolutions. My personal resolution in ham radio is to obtain the QRP DXCC award from ARRL. My current status is 83 entities; working 17 more using 5 W or less will put QRP DXCC under my belt!

QRP DXCC rules from the ARRL homepage.

This award is a one-time award - the traditional DXCC program, where you can work your way up to honor roll, is far more popular. But if you love low power operating, QRP DXCC is worth pursuing. According to ARRL, about 550 people have earned it so far and only one is from OZ.

The QRP DXCC application process is quite simple: You submit a list of worked entities (QSL-cards are not submitted) and a declaration that all contacts were made using 5 W og less. That is it. You can read what other hams think of this diploma in Product reviews at eham.net.

OZ1BXM Lars Petersen

A Tiny QRP Page by OZ1BXM

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