lørdag den 7. december 2013

New QRP Club

I received a mail containing an invitation to join QRP Club last week. The club's main activity is running a forum for QRP'ers. I liked the idea and decided to join (you have to register, and await approval by the admin).

The forum already contain many presentations. Here is mine:
Hello fellow members!
I have worked QRP for many years now, actually since 1985. 
I worked as a secondary school teacher in Greenland 1985-88, and held the call OX3XM. During that time, I worked approx. 500 QSO with 20W (almost real QRP...). It was easy to get contacts in cw, even though my signal was weak.
I work mostly cw and JT65 today, and QRP still fascinates me. My next goal is QRP DXCC.
72 from OZ1BXM Lars
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, and a Happy new Year!

OZ1BXM Lars Petersen

A Tiny QRP Page by OZ1BXM

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