lørdag den 10. august 2013

New QSL-card

After 10 years I became tired of my old QSL-Card. I needed a new one. Since my main interest right now is EME, it was only natural for me to search for a front page theme related to Moonbounce. I visited several QSL-printer's homepages before I found what I wanted.

QSL by IT9EJW became my preferred source. As described in my eHam product review, the only obstacle when ordering was the Italian tax number SSN. Since I am not an Italian citizen, I had to enter a dummy number, and this is 123456. You can use that number as well, if you order from IT9EJW! Besides this kink, the process went smoothly. I received the cards in the mail about 3 weeks after the order was submitted.

The rear side of the card is almost blank. Since my logging program DXKeeper supports label printing, I'll start using labels for the QSO details.

OZ1BXM has got a new QSL card.
Vy 73 and see you next month!
OZ1BXM Lars Petersen

My homepage: http://oz1bxm.dk

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