mandag den 1. juli 2013

SSPA for 2 meters - Finished project

Finally! My SSPA for 2 meters is now finished. The building process has been long, but the learning experience was good. The picture below shows the SSPA as seen from the front:
On top of cabinet:
Two black 140 mm fans cool the radiator. The air is taken in below the radiator.
The black radiator exchange heat between the cooling water and the air.
The cabinet:
Upper row: Output meters (forward and reflected power).
Center: Voltage and Amps are monitored.
Lower row: Water and heatspread temperature are monitored.
The square to the left: Switches and control lamps for 12V, 48V, and PTT.

You can read the full SSPA story on my homepage, where more than 20 SSPA pictures are found, and where I've calculated the cost of the project.

73 from OZ1BXM Lars

SSPA for 2 meters with Freescale MRFE6VP61K25H

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