torsdag den 16. juli 2020

Receiving 23 cm beacons portable

Last Saturday, I collected my 14 element yagi for 23 cm, my MKU13G2B Kuhne transverter, and my 144 MHz IF radio (Kenwood TR-751E). A rechargable 12 V battery, a camping table and a folding chair was also included.

I went to Trehoje JO46HE which is 102 m ASL. I wanted to listen for Danish 23 cm beacons. 

My 23 cm portable rig at Trehoje JO46HE.

The nearest beacon is OZ5SHF in JO45VX, 76 km away. The signal was stronger than I had anticipated: S9. The beacon is at 205 m ASL, and that certainly helps propagating a strong signal! You can hear my audio recording of OZ5SHF:

Beacon OZ7IGY in JO55WM is 216 km away. The signal was weak, but I could hear the PI4-tones. If I had brought my laptop, I would have been able to detect the PI4-signal using the sound card and the  PI-RX program.   

The beacon OZ1UHF 162 km away was very weak. I could hear it, but not read the morse code.

Next step is to become QRV on 23 cm transmit from my home QTH.

73 from OZ1BXM

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