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Help - fldigi won't start

Fldigi is the leading application in digimode. It offers a multitude of digital protocols, from CW and RTTY over PSK31 to DominoEX, Olivia, THOR, and many more. Fldigi was written by W1HJK and is maintained by him and his team. Fldigi is a digital swiss army knife!

Having installed fldigi on Windows 10 Home, I executed the setup wizard and typed call, QTH, locator, and other details.

Fig. 1. Short-cut on Windows desktop.

The next day, I double-clicked the fldigi short-cut on my desktop (Fig. 1). Nothing happened. I did it again, but still no response from fldigi. PC rebooted. Nothing. Cleaned the Windows registry with Glary Utilities. Nothing. Uninstalled fldigi, rebooted the PC, and installed fldigi again. Still no action.

The solution came from WO9B in this blog post. One or more files in folder fldigi.files are corrupt. Here is what to do:

  1. Rename c:\users\oz1bx\fldigi.files to c:\users\oz1bx\fldigi-old.files
  2. Restart fldigi. 
  3. Fldigi will discover, that fldigi.files is missing, and it creates a new one. 
Setup data must be typed again. Move important files from fldigi-old.files to fldigi.files

Vy 73, OZ1BXM
Webpage: oz1bxm.dk

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