søndag den 30. juli 2017

144 MHz EME: Antenna problems

My elevation rotor KR-550 was repaired and remounted last month. So far, so good.

My next step was replacing the 2 x 6 vertical yagis with an 8-element horizontal yagi (Wimo WY208). The reason for this change: I wanted horizontal polarization. I heard only a few stations with the vertical yagis.

8-element yagi with elevation.
I had a sked with HB9Q yesterday. He called me, and I called him. But there was no QSO, not even a trace on the waterfall. I was disappointed, because HB9Q is probably the biggest station in Europe transmitting a very strong signal with his 15 m dish. I tried with another big station, and he shifted between horizontal and vertical polarization. No trace at all on my side.

Some time ago I received signals from the Moon using my 2 x 6 yagis. So there seems to be a problem with my 8-element yagi since nothing is received. I'll do some troubleshooting, and hope to find out what is wrong.

73 from OZ1BXM Lars

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