fredag den 7. april 2017

144 MHz EME: CQ heard

Last evening, just before midnight, the Moon was high in the sky, and the Sun had set more than 1 hour ago. The degradation was about 2.0 which means good conditions. I watched out for EME-signals, and I used the EME-chat (N0UK) as a guideline for their frequency. The EME-chat is mandatory because you want to know where the different stations are calling. Below is a cropped screen-dump of the WSJT-X Wide Graph waterfall (times are in UTC):
OK1DIG calling CQ on 2m EME.
OK1DIG decoded by WSJT-X (JT65B). 
WSJT-X decoded the JT65B signal (sync tone at 1165 Hz) as OK1DIG calling CQ. His signal was pretty good and between -15 dB and -13 dB. His equipment: 4 x 17 yagi and 1 kW.

I could also see K1SCE answering the CQ (sync tone at 1389 Hz) He used 4 x 9 yagi and 1 kW, but he was not picked up by the other station. The signal from K1SCE was not strong (best -20 dB), but it was perfectly readable at my QTH.

If my SSPA was connected, I would have answered OK1DIG. My first priority is getting on the air - and flying to the Moon!

Best regards OZ1BXM Lars

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