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Code Practice Oscillator

The Code Practice Oscillator pictured below was developed by me. It is simple and easy to build. It is based on the 555 oscillator IC and is powered from a standard 9V battery. The loudspeaker is mounted on a separate PCB and the two boards are connected with metal spacers. The whole assembly requires no cabinet - and that reduces building time!

Homemade Code Practice Oscillator
Training morse code reception is pretty much covered already by the aid of hardware-based morse trainers, PC programs, app's for smart phones and tablets, etc.

Sending morse code is another case. The obvious solution is to use a keyboard and let the software do the job. This solution works, but you will be missing the touch and feel of dots, dashes, and spacing provided by a manual key. I would recommend a novice sending morse code using a real morse key, and move on to more advanced devices and higher speeds at a later time. 
Circuit Diagram
Another benefit of building your own Code Practice Oscillator is the proudness gained from a successful project. Building skills like reading a diagram, soldering components, connecting wires, and mounting a loudspeaker are all learned during this project.

Best regards: OZ1BXM Lars Petersen
Homepage: http://oz1bxm.dk

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