lørdag den 30. januar 2016

Writing for new hams

I have been a radio amateur for several decades. During all this time, I have collected experience in different fields. I wanted to give something back to the newcomers within this wonderful avocation. So I decided to write some articles aimed at the new ham and publish the material in the Danish national ham radio magazine "OZ". It is my hope, that new hams will be inspired and power up the soldering iron and start build electronic circuits.

My concept is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). The builder should be able to get the construction up and running during a weekend. I recommend building circuits without a factory produced PCB and using a Veroboard instead. Flexibility in component placement is maintained this way. 

Sourcing of components is another challenge that faces the new ham. It is an advantage if the circuit can be built using standard components, and that is my goal. A project should not halt due to lack of special parts.

One example of such a beginner's project is the 1 kHz sine oscillator (circuit diagram above). I tried different oscillator circuits before I settled with the phase-shift oscillator. I achieved a stable and clean output by adding buffers between the different filter stages. The result was a simple sine oscillator which is easy to build by new hams. 
The finished 1 kHz sine oscillator.
Regards from OZ1BXM Lars Petersen
Homepage: http://oz1bxm.dk

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