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Wireless internet access

A ham operator needs connecting to the internet when travelling or operating outside his QTH. But why does a ham operator need internet access?
  • Download DX information, e.g. from DX Summit
  • Upload log files, e.g. to Clublog
  • Upload contacts to eQSL and LotW
  • Synchronize PC-clock with NTP server (when running JT65 modes)
To enable mobile internet access, I've purchased a Huawei Mobile Broadband USB surfstick (see picture below). The USB surfstick contains a 2G/3G modem. The modem is only used for data transport, not for speech. This device enables internet access in most locations in Denmark.

Huawei E3531 Mobile Broadband modem with SIM card (top cover removed).
Installation is super easy. Just plug the surfstick into your Windows 7 PC and wait for the drivers to install. The surfstick has a local homepage, where you can follow data sent and received, and monitor the signal strength. 

My operator is OiSTER and they utilize the mobile network owned by 3 Denmark. Roaming is not allowed. 

OZ1BXM Lars Petersen
Homepage: oz1bxm.dk

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