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SSPA for 2 meters - 1 kW module

If you want to explore more details of the amplifier project, I recommend an article by W6PQL: "Solid state 1 kW Linear Amplifier for 2 Meters". It appeared in QST October 2012.

I decided to buy the amplifier module as a kit from James Klitzing, W6PQL, where all components were included. The copper heat spreader, however, was purchased from PE1RKI Bert. I opted for the version prepared for watercooling.

The core of the SSPA is the 1 kW amplifier module. The module is built around the LDMOS transistor MRFE6VP61K25H from Freescale. This device can operate between 1.8 MHz and 600 MHz and delivers 1250 W output. In this application, the output is limited to 1000 W.

The photo below shows how small the 1 kW module is. Dimensions are 12 cm x 8 cm. But the copper heat spreader is 2 cm thick and weights 1.5 kg. This size is necessary, because the heat spreader must be able to transfer up to 400 W.

1 kW amplifier module for 2 meters.

A low-pass filter follows the amplifier module in order to suppress harmonics of 144 MHz. The physical size of the PCB is the same as the amplifier module. A directional coupler is included, which allows monitoring of forward and reverse power.

1 kW low-pass filter for 2 meters.

This project is still in progress and the 'smoke test' should be completed soon.

Lars Petersen, OZ1BXM


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