tirsdag den 1. januar 2013

SSPA for 2 meters - Cabinet

Building a Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) is my project this winter. I have chosen the 1 kW SSPA for 144 MHz as described by F1JRD in DUBUS 4/2010. I'll attempt 2 meter EME later this year, and a powerfull SSPA will become a key component in the set-up.

I have decided to build the cabinet first. I have found DIY alu-frames that can be taylored to many sizes. The cabinet's alu-framework is 30 cm wide, 15 cm high, and 15 cm deep. Furthermore, 2 mm alu-sheets are available from another source, and these sheets fit exactly into the alu-framework. This means no cumbersome cutting and bending of cabinet parts!

The SSPA cabinet.

Another feature of my new SSPA is watercooling. This cooling method is known and used among PC freaks. But as far as I know, only few radio amateurs use that technique. More on watercooling next month.

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