fredag den 28. september 2012

Quad loop antenna

Last month, I told you about my plans for a 20m delta loop antenna. But my plans have changed. The delta loop idea has been discarded, mainly due to the need of a high supporting pole. I prefer two short poles and a square loop.

 The 20m quad loop is supported by 2 poles.
All materials for the antenna were purchased in Germany, where Dx-Wire by Peter, DK1RP runs a nice web-shop. The antenna wire is "Dx-Wire UL" (Ultralight). The core consists of 6 thin copper wires and Kevlar reinforcement. The outer jacket is black PE. This wire is only 1.5 mm thick, it is ultra light (4 grams/meter), and the breaking load is 60 kg. 
The support lines are Dynema wire made of polyethylene fibre. Dynema lines will stretch only 1.5-3% under tension. The sheath is black 16-stranded polyester. Breaking load is 120 kg.
The month of October is dedicated antenna construction. I'll show some antenna photos next month.
OZ1BXM Lars Petersen

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  1. The 'quad' loop is indeed a good and quite unobtrusive solution for 20m. It's also a very good antenna. The DX-Wire is very good - three times lighted than 3mm Kevlar core, but is very stiff - I don't like this because I think it is less resistant to wind flexing and metal fatigue. But it is only 47p per metre!